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Bodies of Light

Over the course of an unusual journey, I record traces of the hundreds of leaves and radiating objects that manifest as Bodies of Light. These delicate interfaces operate at the intersection of two reactive phenomena - photography and electromagnetism. Their luminous imprints fixed on silver film allow us to see precisely how our transactional exchanges with matter and nature are organized in the world of energy. 


All living things, and the world of plants in particular, evolve at the heart of electromagnetic fields that travel through the universe to shape and inform it. The ordinary state of a slit leaf or a leaf gradually dying under our eyes can be observed through the fluctuations of its light corona captured in an EM field. Very precise "vibratory" signatures reflect both the habitual structure of the plant and the subtler variations of its interactions.


I assemble images of these virtual specimens in a vast

 energy herbarium comprised of all the Bodies of Light. Through this process, I propose to open up the practice of the classical herbarium and its dried plant collections to dynamic observations also taking into account the light radiating from plants. The light box, photo image or video are the visual supports of this unusual herbarium. 


Beyond the luminous structure specific to each plant which translates fluctuating energy states, a more fundamental radiation seems to envelop all living organisms and link them

in extensive networks permeated with subtle information of growth and evolution.

Bodies of Light no. 396 (Leaf) [1]

Bodies of Light no. 187 (Periwinkle) [2]

Bodies of Light no. 39 Gr (Geranium) [3]

Bodies of Light no. 172 (Maple) [4]

Bodies of Light no. 423 (Geranium) [5]

Bodies of Light no. 260 (Ash samaras) [6]

Bodies of Light no. 320 (Heuchera) [7]

Bodies of Light no. 360 (Fern) [8]

Bodies of Light no. 302 (Geranium) [9]

Bodies of Light no. 305 (Geranium).

   Leaf no. 302, lacerated. [10]

Bodies of Light no. 917 (Maple) [11]

Bodies of Light no. 1239 (Root) [12]

Mélodies d’univers.

   Installation, 2019. [13]

Electromagnetic Bodies.

   Light boxes. 2006. [14]

Plant experiment with

   electrocardiogram machine. [15]

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