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Installation views

Installation space, considered as integral as the content of images, holds a central place in my photographic work. The suites of landscapes and portraits that are declined in serial plates materialize both the surge and the erasure of a subject. Hung on the wall, they are interspersed with spacings that accentuate their cinematographic unfolding. In the large photographs on matte paper and without protective glass, lighting acts as a second revealer of image details often barely perceptible


Backlighting devices for works installed in public space, or in light boxes for more intimate works, evolve with technological advances. Different generations of systems emerge: incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, solar cells and bioluminescent materials. The light box, the module and even the physical space of the gallery serve as supports for the rear illumination animating positive films or large vinyl prints. Their installation is always a dynamic practice in space.

Forming Memory. Installation, 1995. [1]

Du noir, une impulsion lumineuse. 

   Installation, 1993. [2]

The Instant Before Death.

   Installation, 1994. [3]

The Instant Before Death . Idem. [4]

The Instant Before Death.

   Installation, 1995. [5]                                    

The Instant Before Death.

   Installation, 1996. [6]

Electromagnetic Bodies.

   Installation, 2006. [7

Electromagnetic Bodies. Idem. [8]

Electromagnetic Bodies. Idem. [9               Electromagnetic Bodies. Idem. [10]

thelivingeffect. Installation, 2011. [11]

Black Holes. Installation, 2011. [12]

Trous noirs. Installation, 2012. [13]

Night Sky. Video projection, 2019. [14]

Fields of Light. Video projection, 2017. [15]

Fields of Light. Idem. [16]

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