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Mirrors of the Cosmos, 2006 (excerpt)

Running time: 16:50 minutes | black and white


Plants in order of appearance: Plectranthus | Toadlily | Saxifraga | Mineral | Woodfern

Photography and path animation: Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Scanning: François Bélanger

Editing: François Bélanger and Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Soundtrack: John Mark Seck and Alvaro de Minaya


Mirrors of the Cosmos maps out itineraries into the light fields of four plants and one mineral, circulating freely through their topography on a journey in terra incognita. The luminous imprints, obtained by introducing plants into an EM field and capturing their radiant expressions on film, delve into light fields where cosmic configurations are enfolded. 


Explosions, light jets and black holes surge from the light corona and mirror the cosmic universe. Two scales of matter answer each other, the very large and the very small, with an affinity more holographic than fractal. 


The plants featured in Mirrors of the Cosmos were collected from The Garden of Shade in the Montreal Botanical Garden.

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