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Night Sky, 2019

Running time: 2:05 minutes | colour


EM captures: Marie-Jeanne Musiol 

Editing: Philip Rose

Soundtrack: Audio mix of radio waves picked up by NASA in space, and ascending sap of a maple tree 


Light from the Origins, 2019

Running time: 1:10 minutes | black and white


White noise on TV screen and grain of silver photo: Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Editing: Philip Rose


Channel, 2019

Running time: 32 seconds | colour


Light flooding a head: Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Video capture and editing: Philip Rose


Three short videos show the information carried by light and sound waves flowing through the living, represented here as an irradiated plant, the granular substance of a photograph and a brain-receptor.


In Night Sky, a figure is penetrated by the luminous emanations of a leaf. The recording of the ascending sap of a maple tree merges with radio waves originating from Saturn and transmitted by the space probe Cassini, and radio waves from star KIC 12268220 carried by the Kepler probe.


Light of the Origins merges the white noise of a television screen, made up of about 1% of fossil radiation emitted from the first moments after the Big Bang, with the granular fluctuations of photographic matter expanding in space until it disappears.


Canal imagines waves of light crossing and bathing the brain stem with holographic properties.

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