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Plant Cosmos

As I continue to experiment on film with energy transfers around plants and their root formations, I also seek to transform some of their minute details into immersive luminous panoramas - matter dancing in light. 


It may seem cliché to assert that the very big is enfolded in the very small. But this reality is readily observable in the EM field of ash, elm or geranium leaf structures from which I extract minute details. When enlarged, these details behave very differently from what we perceive as immediate reality.


If microscopes yield a detailed view of the “inside” of living bodies, digital tools probing their light coronas reveal fluid configurations. Here light penetrates matter, matter fuses with light, and in this interface the solidity of things dissolves under our eyes. The backlit image Topography (Heuchera) shows a tiny heuchera detail suspended in a sea of light with little substance remaining.             


Maybe this journey into the enfolded reality of things seems esoteric or irrelevant to our ordinary world perception. Yet in this transformational vision, leaves harbour both mirror images of the cosmos and of the subatomic world. It’s little surprise then that communication between these various dimensions is instantaneous, a pure transfer of light information coursing through the living.

Plant Cosmos no. 4 (Vine). 

   Digital print, 81 cm x 61 cm. [1] 

Plant Cosmos no. 8 (Leaf).

   Digital print, 28 cm x 35,5 cm. [2]

Plant Cosmos no. 3 (Leaf).

   Digital print, 81 cm x 61 cm. [3]

Detail of violet.

   Digital print, 18,5 cm x 13 cm. [4]

Plant Cosmos no. 9 (Geranium).

   Digital print, 28 cm x 35,5 cm. [5]

Plant Cosmos no. 1 (Foxtail).

   Digital print, 81 cm x 61 cm. [6]

Plant Cosmos no. 2 (Hazel). Idem. [7]

Plant Cosmos no. 6 (Fern). Idem. [8]

Plant Cosmos no. 11 (EM impulse).

   Digital print, 28 cm x 35,5 cm. [9]

Plant Cosmos no. 10 (Geranium).

   Digital print, 35,5 cm x 28 cm. [10]

Topography (Heuchera).

   Lightbox, 102 cm x 76 cm. [11]

Mélodies d’univers. Installation, 2019. [12]

Plant Cosmos. Installation, 2018. [13]

Plant Cosmos. Installation, 2019. [14]

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