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Various experimentation processes allow me to represent

the energetic activity of living organisms. Electromagnetic photography (EM) hails from a long history of crossings between electricity and light frequencies, but other investigations also amplify the manifestations of energy captured in real time. Many researchers, inventors and botanists bring perspectives to my work with plants. But where science seeks to prove, art shows.

Device to capture the image of leaves in an

   EM field (MJ Musiol). [1]

Device to capture the energy activity of plants

   in real time (MJ Musiol). [2]

Display of the electrocardiogram of an African

   violet connected with electrodes and pierced

   with a needle (MJ Musiol). [3]

Display of the electrocardiogram of an egg

   connected with electrodes (MJ Musiol). [4]

Field recording of ascending sap of a tree for

   the video Fields of Light (D. Legault device). [5]

Idem. [6]

Studio mixing experiments with EM

   frequencies for the soundtrack of the

   video Champs de lumière (S. Claude). [7]

Valentina and Semyon Kirlian, designers of

   the first machine to photograph the corona of        living bodies placed in an EM field. [8]

Royal Raymond Rife, investigator of diseased

   cells and inventor of microscopes and devices

   with specific frequencies for treatment. [9]

Georges Lakhovsky and his oscillatory wave

   circuit to treat various diseases. [10]

Lakhovsky oscillator employed in hospitals

   between the World Wars. [11]

Giuseppe Calligaris' projection grid on the

   body, a map of resonance points with

   holographic properties. [12]

Montage of books by Karl Blossfeld, Marie

   Victorin and Jagadis Chandra Bose and

   specimens of leaves. [13]

Goethe's unfolding of the leaf-form expressing

   plant dynamics. [14]  

Leaf recorder by Jagadis Chandra Bose. [15] 

Readings obtained by Bose for the movement

   and temperature of croton, papaya

   and dahlia. [16] 

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